About Me

I am an interdisciplinary artist exploring the relationship between the personal and social in art through food and cooking. I examine how both the cooking and eating of home food, particularly my mother’s recipes, can become an extended social practice of collective and self-care. 


Foregrounding collaboration and pedagogical approaches to making, I am keen on ways my works operate as intimately curated sites of nurture that invite conversations and spaces for both artist and non-artists to co-exist. My mother, who I credit within collaborations as ‘Gina Aunty’, is actively involved in both facilitating and contributing to many of my projects. The collaborative dialogue we share is organic and playful and one I have been developing further recently. I am adamant about facilitating the comfortable and informal as a means of dismantling and critiquing the formal and often inaccessible restraints presented by institutional spaces. 

Essentially, food allows an entry into my works which feels both communal and accessible, especially for those who are typically not the demographic of consideration when contemporary art curation and making is concerned.