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Mintu Chachu's Home


Food for me is home. The first thing my mom asks when she phones me daily from work is “have you had food?”. Everything I do revolves around it. Every act of cooking and preparing feels like both a connection and longing for a homeland, which has become more distanced as I’ve grown older. Both food and art provide a sense of closure or at least some closeness to these ongoing questions. Food's role is both complex and political. Badly presented but comforting. I think this is what makes it such an interesting and necessary point of entry within my practice. 

Through this platform, I hope to bring together my exploration and also love for food through my art into one space. I believe I have grown up around the most fantastic teachers, in the form of my mom and other women in my family, who have taught me to admire good food, comfort and incredible flavours! I want this space to act as something both archival for my artworks and food stories, but also collaborative. 

Alongside archiving and keeping a record of my family's' recipes through my ongoing 'Recipes' project, visitors to the site can submit their own recipes to me, allowing for the space to host a collective/ shared history as well.

Background Image: Taken at Mintu Chachu's house of their food spread at dinner, 2020

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