About Me

I am an interdisciplinary artist exploring the intersections between the personal and social in art through food and family photo archives. Currently, I'm examining how both the cooking and sharing of intergenerationally passed down recipes has become an extended social practice of collective and self-care in my life. 


Foregrounding collaboration and pedagogical approaches to making, my works operate as intimately curated sites of nurture that invite conversations and spaces for both artists and non-artists to co-exist. I see it as visual storytelling, with every work deciphering through spaces both nostalgic and unknown to me. Motivated by the agency this gives back to the otherwise passive viewer, the public is often invited to physically interact with my works.


Essentially, food becomes resistance and an entry into my works that is both communal and accessible, particularly for those who are not typically the demographic of consideration when contemporary art curation and making is concerned. 

As part of my curatorial collective Otherly, formed alongside artist Morisha Moodley, we seek to create an alternate platform that nourishes ideas of genuine collaboration, support and networking for creatives of colour at the early stages of their career and those more established.