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never the same, something else

During 9-weeks over the Spring, I led and facilitated a series of workshops for Stage 2&3 artists on BA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins where I was a Graduate Teaching Assistant. Prompted to research works by BIPOC artists acquired over time by the UAL Art Collection and the British Artists’ Film & Video Study Collection; each artist in the show responded to works within both collections with which they felt some dialogue or resonance. The students used the archives to collectively and playfully draw upon a continued history with the works. The result of these workshops was this collective show I curated featuring a live programme running throughout the week.

Emma Todd

Meera Madhu

Joanne Kim

Lydia Poole

Chloe Waning 

Vidya Premraj

Yarden Fudim

Emily Garland

Nikita Snegirjov

Chloe Howell

Janne Meijer

Amelia Radford

Amara Jenkins

Blue Marcus

Vivienne Cohen

Tatiana Tati Mode

Elin Jung

Lily Tolkin Wells

Annie Watkins

Sophie Barnes

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