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Other Links

Links to other places where you can find my current projects, exhibitions and works.


Outside of my practice, I co-run an artist collective called ‘Otherly’ alongside artist and friend, Morisha Moodley. Otherly is a platform for us to collaborate and engage in conversations with underrepresented and emerging artists, through live and interactive events, talks and exhibitions, which are curated by us.


My video 'Conversations From Home' is currently being shown as part of Arthousehaus' Online Exhibition and Game 'The Castle'.


Exhibition Curated by Lara Orawski, Abby Wright, Yili Liu, Maria Clara Lorusso.


My paintings 'Stop, Let Me Dance!', 2019, and 'Hold on, let me ask my mom first!', 2019, are exhibiting online at Kovet.Art's ‘The Art Vault' exhibition series ‘New Futures Digital’. The CSM Focus - an official collaboration with Central Saint Martins curated by CSM graduates, Mazzy-Mae Green and Greta Voeller, is linked below. Both works are also available for purchase through their site.

Graduate Showcase

My BA (Hons) Fine Art Virtual Showcase on the UAL: Central Saint Martins Graduate Showcase website.

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